Flambond is a professional group importing under OEM alliance with state of art manufacturers and trading in world-class kitchen appliances, whose aim first and foremost is to provide high quality products and services in a cost effective manner. We are a large group world wide with presence in a number of countries. We are introducing to the Indian consumer our products under the umbrella "flamBond". It took us a considerable time to innovate and especially design our range of appliances for the needs of Indian households. Our designs reflect ultimate elegance and utility.

To consolidate flambond as a quality brand providing value for money and creating trust in consumer psyche by ceaselessly reinventing its products and engineering convenience for the homemaker.

To become a super brand delivering enhanced value to customers through product innovation and product augmentation and emerge an industry leader by acquiring majority shares in Indian kitchen appliances market in phases.

We truly and firmly believe in creating value for our customers by delivering what we promise. We are here to win the trust and confidence of customers by adhering to high standards of quality and product reliability every time, all the time.

Our goals are to trade in products that provide:

  • High Quality
  • Exceptional Performance
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Low Maintenance